Philippines Solidarity Journeys:  Bookings available for school, community and business groups during the school holidays.

Easter break
June / July
September / October
December / January

Purpose of the Journey

This immersion experience to the Philippines offers an opportunity to connect at a grassroots level with some of the global majority poor, oppressed and marginalised and to witness the work of the church as it takes up Christ’s mission to inaugurate the reign of God in our world.  Participants will have an experience that jolts.  Their experiences of the church and the deep faith of the people they connect with have the potential to deepen their own spirituality and faith in ways that will inspire them to ponder their own mission in the world.

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Draft Itinerary

Day 1 Travel to Manila: Accommodation at St John of the Cross Seminary or with Mt Carmel Shrine parish community
Day 2 Sr Badette Humbid Social Justice Projects with youth
Day 3 Sr Badette Humbid Social Justice Projects
Day 4 Malacanans Palace; Imelda Marcos’ shoes; Shrine of People Power
Day 5 Manila to Olangapo: Accomodation at PREDA
Day 6 Witness work of PREDA with children rescued from exploitation.  Engage with youth and children at PREDA
Day 7 Visit Fair Trade Producers.  Visit Indigenous community Eco-Village housing project
Day 8 Join Rescue Teams for prison visit
Day 9 Rest and de-brief
Day 10 Olangapo to Corderilla region of Northern Luzon
Day 11 Authentic village immersion with indigenous mountain tribe gaining insights into issues of dispossession associated with mining on ancestral domains
Day 12 Authentic village Immersion with indigenous mountain tribe
Day 13 Return to Manlla
Day 14 Depart Manlla
















People’s Recovery Empowerment Development Assistance Foundation

PREDA’s mission is winning freedom and a new life for children mired in poverty, abandoned, exploited, abused, on the streets, in hunger and in jails, helping abused women, indigenous people, protecting the environment and alleviating poverty through micro-credit and fair trade initiatives.  The Director of PREDA is Irish priest Fr Shay Cullen.