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Global Grassroots Connections offers opportunities for individuals, community groups, secondary schools, educational networks, adult groups, church agencies and business organisations to engage with our poor and marginalised brothers and sisters in the Majority (Developing) World by being immersed in their communities in a true spirit of solidarity.

About our Immersion Programs…

With over 15 years experience in developing immersion programs for secondary schools and adult groups across Australia, and over 20 years experience in secondary education, our personnel are well placed to develop Solidarity Journeys that will be profound formation experiences while minimising risk.

Host communities linked to us are located across Asia, Oceania, the nation island states of the South Pacific, and parts of Africa and South America.

We draw on a network of personnel with extensive experience in and familiarity with specific host communities in the Majority World to lead each of our Solidarity Journeys.

Our Solidarity Journeys

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