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Kokoda Solidarity Treks: Bookings available for school, community and business groups during school holidays in 2019/20

Easter break
June / July
September / October
December / January


Purpose of the Journey

Although physically demanding in the extreme, trekking Kokoda is in essence more a spiritual journey than a physical challenge.
There are many dimensions to this spiritual journey.  One dimension has to do with how we relate to the people who live in the villages along the Kokoda Track – the descendants of the legendary “fuzzy wuzzy angels” who stood in solidarity with the Australian diggers in 1942.

The spiritual dimension of this relationship forged in 1942 is perhaps best conveyed in this poem by Bert Beros:

Many a mother in Australia, when her busy day is done
Sends a prayer to the almighty, for the keeping of her son
Asking that an angel guide him and bring him safely back
Now we see those prayers are answered on the Owen Stanley track.
Tho’ they haven’t any halos only holes slashed in their ears
And their faces marked with tattoos and with scratch pins in their hair
Bringing back the badly wounded just as steady as a hearse
Using leaves to keep the rain off and as gentle as a nurse.
Slow and steady in bad places on the awful mountain track
And the look upon their faces makes us think that Christ was black.

We have developed authentic personal relationships with people along the Kokoda Track who will guide and help us on our journey in a true spirit of solidarity.  Because of these personal relationships we can bypass “middle men” to ensure that the locals receive the full benefit of our financial contributions while keeping costs affordable.
We don’t rush these treks.  We are on the track for nine or ten days with two days travelling to and from PNG, and one recovery day – 12 to 13 days.

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